Hi, and welcome to my blog.

This is a collection of my works and the the works of others who inspire me, as well as a home for writings and projects I’m working on while studying. Any enquiries can be directed to psyphertunes@gmail.com

Collaboration for semester one 2015

My collaboration this semester was with the jugular arts collective for a devised theatre piece called ‘Tales for waifs and wayward strays’. I worked with the director and artistic director to conceptualise a score for the performance. The play is location bassed and takes place in the whalers tunnel in Fremantle so i had to work with a very reverberant space. The play itself is very whimsical and incorporates live visuals via projection as well as acting and audience involvement. It tells the tale of two children sitting in a cave lost in their own daydreams, using these flights of imagination and fantasy to concoct a world where they can use metaphor and allegory to work through the issues in their own life they find it hard to confront. My work was a mix of sound design and composition, working with ideas from tension created from sparse atmospheric sound synthesis to thematic and motivic work designed to allude to the presence of themes or characters. The play takes place over an hour and as such i had to create a substantial body of work coming in at over 25 pieces. some of which can be heard on my soundcloud:

This was a great opportunity and i had an amazing and eye opening time working with such a great crew, i have recently been informed that they are finalists in a bid for a touring grant to take the show around Australia and i am thrilled for their successes. This will also give me a budget to rework and properly mix/master the soundtrack and explore ideas for a departure from a static backing and incorporate elements of live performance in a dynamic setting. I would love to work with this material in a surround sound environment as i feel this would give a lot more potential for audience emersion and effective atmospheric effects.

April 2015

Its been a crazy year so far, I’m working on a multitude of projects across a number of mediums. I’ve been paying particular attention to cementing the fundamentals of performance technique on piano and guitar, using drills like the hannon exercises and chromatic fingerbusters. As far as composition goes i have been experimenting lots with writing in the style of the 16th century, including note agaist note polyphony, canon, fugue and other techniques that are not grounded in functional harmony. In addition to that, i have been working a lot with Max MSP and learning how to program simple patches for use as stand alone programs and also for integration into Ableton Live. I have been overwhelmed and excited by the potential of the program to unleash creativity in the digital realm. This has also inspired me to to go and look back over my understanding of fundamental mathematics as a knowledge of maths greatly expands the potential of the max programming environment. I hope to combine these two endeavours and write some patches that generate melodic lines that follow the ‘rules’ of 16th centuary harmony and combine them with new techniques in sound synthesis and sound design. I have also been writing for solo guitar and ensemble. I have recently begun playing an 8 string which has resulted in a lot more potential for interesting voicings and creative composition for the guitar. I have also been composing with non traditional techniques such as graphic scores and indeterminacy, using a number of methodologies from cutting images out of old encyclopaedias to reading pre existing charts as music (ie; a graph of the timezones of the earth interpreted as x axis time and y axis pitch) with some very interesting results. In a week i’m premiering a work at a concert in recognition of the fifty tear anniversary of Coletraine’s ‘a love supreme’. It’s entitled ‘It’s so meta even this acronym’ and was composed using the numerical values of each letter in the title a love supreme (each letters place in the alphabet) and using these numbers to create harmonic and rhythmic structures.

more information on Max MSP can be found at:

And if you happen to be in Perth next week feel free to come along the Love Supreme concert;


Hey guys 🙂

Time for an update on the musical happenings in my life. For starters ive been writing a lot of varied music lately, from movie scores to jazz standards, electronica and experimental serialist compositions. Styles left right and center. Ive also been playing lots of varied styles to get compositional inspiration, lots of Bach, afro cuban guitar, and different metered stuff (a new animals as leaders album has just been released so i’m in the odd time mind-frame).

If your interested in serialism i highly recommend you check out this great video by Vi Hart where she takes you through 12 tone re-harmonization of some nursery rhymes in a most creative and entertaining way.

I have been playing around with these techniques a bit and hope to have something along these lines to put up in the near future. I’ve also been working on some acousmatics peices for the upcoming sound spectrum gigs at the spectrum art space at WAAPA. They too will be up after their debut.